About us
Our Values
In everything we do we aim to make a difference to the lives of our customers. Our six core values guide us in the decisions we make and in the way we deliver our care and support.

1.Passionate and Caring
    At Provision Care we care passionately about what we do, the people we     support and those we    work with.

2.Trustworthy and Accountable
    What we say is what we'll do and we'll always take responsibility for our     actions.

3.Open and Innovative
    We completely listen to our customers and are committed to delivering the     service they ought to have.

4.Dignity and Respect
    Respecting people’s individuality is our passion and we are committed to do     whatever we can to understand their needs.

5.Team and Community Focused
    We are an significant part of the local community and this matter to us so we'll     always give back at whatever moment we can.

6.Practical and Prudent
    We are committed to sensible use of money to give value to our customers     and employees .

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